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Friends of Cornford Lane

A Worse Situation for Pembury? No!

Although it is acknowledged that making Cornford Lane a No Through Road would affect some Pembury residents (as indeed it would all Cornford Lane residents), a detailed survey carried out on the source and routes of traffic using Cornford Lane showed that over 60% of the traffic was not local but 'through traffic' using the lane to bypass the main A264 / A21 junction, leaving / joining the A21 at the Bo Peep junction, the A264 at Woodsgate corner, or at A228 near Downingbury.


To do this the traffic has to use Pembury High Street.


In other words the current situation with Cornford Lane open to all traffic is actually causing additional traffic to pass though Pembury.


Closing Cornford Lane to through traffic would actually decrease the traffic travelling through Pembury as it would be forced to use the main roads (A21 / A264 / A228) and would make Pembury High Street less busy.


The net effect? Less congestion, less noise, less pollution, less inconvenience for Pembury residents.




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