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Can Roads be Closed to Through Traffic?  Yes!

Roads are closed to through traffic in rural and urban areas, preventing inappropriate, dangerous and destructive use by vehicles.


Locally there have been many roads closed – mainly to address problems caused by through traffic, including:


Argos Hill (Mayfield)

Bewlbridge Lane (Lamberhurst)

Beech Street (Tunbridge Wells)

Bishops Down (Tunbridge Wells)

Castle Street (Tunbridge Wells)

Fir Tree Road (Tunbridge Wells)

Frog Lane (Tunbridge Wells)

Oak Road / Caley Road (Tunbridge Wells)

Warwick Road (Tunbridge Wells)


In addition other roads have been closed as part of traffic management schemes:


A21 (old section - Lamberhurst North)

Blackhurst Lane (Tunbridge Wells)

Church Road (Pembury)

Calverley Road (Tunbridge Wells)


Other schemes to remove Through Traffic promoted by KCC in the last 12 months include:

Eveas Drive, Sittingbourne

Kent County Council (Prohibition Of Entry) Order 2013


Orchard Street Area, Canterbury

Kent County Council (Experimental Restrictions) Order 2012


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