Friends of Cornford Lane
Friends of Cornford Lane

Your Countryside Needs YOU !

Cornford Lane, on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, once a common route for walkers and cyclists, is now ‘too dangerous’ to walk in according to Kent County Council Highways. And for many local people it is now too dangerous to drive in because of the speed, size and volume of vehicle traffic. 

A beautiful country lane is being irreparably damaged and lives are being put at risk by its unacceptable use as a convenient by-pass for traffic avoiding Tunbridge Wells.

We believe that the only viable solution is to make Cornford Lane a 'No Through Road' to vehicles and to make the lane again safe and usable by everyone.


Take a look at the evidence in other pages of this website and see if you agree with us.


The Friends of Cornford Lane:

Changing convenience, measured in minutes,

      for safety, measured in lives,

             and the countryside, measured in generations.

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