Friends of Cornford Lane
Friends of Cornford Lane

It Could be So Different... A Safe Place for Everyone to Enjoy

A safe lane would provide a great amenity for Tunbridge Wells.


Walkers, cyclists, runners and families with children could all enjoy this lovely lane in safety. And safe, family-oriented recreation is in demand – witness the overflowing car park at Dunorlan Park.


By using High Woods Lane - the route of the High Weald Walk that connects to the middle of Cornford Lane by a footpath - there is a ready-made circular walk. And Aspens has 'Woodland Walks' and a coffee shop to stop at for refreshments.


The lane is scenic and rich in wildlife, with 'Species Rich Intact' hedgerows (as classified by KCC). For a Flora and Fauna Survey List click here. 


And how good would it be to have this safe facility available for geography, natural history and ecology field study by the three schools that are within walking distance, as well as being publicised for the benefit of visitors to Tunbridge Wells? Or for the disadvantaged residents and day visitors at Aspens.

What an opportunity to do something creative and positive for our locality.


Without the cars and vans and trucks, the lane would be something of benefit to the wider community of Tunbridge Wells rather than only those who are using it as a route from and to places many miles away from the town. 


We are only custodians of our environment and our heritage, and it is our responsibility to take great care of what we have for future generations. And this is something that TWBC claims to support by their published aims to:


•    Achieve improvement in the health and environment of the whole community
•    Play our part in ensuring future generations enjoy environmental conditions and a quality of life at least as good as ours, if not better




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