Friends of Cornford Lane
Friends of Cornford Lane

What Friends are for...

The Friends of Cornford Lane:


Changing convenience, measured in minutes,

      for safety, measured in lives,

             and the countryside, measured in generations.



Who looks after the lane? The Friends of Cornford Lane !


Clearing the lane of rubbish...

... and again...

Clearing up after crashes...

As well as:

  • Giving assistance at car crashes
  • Towing cars out of hedges
  • Organising movements of cars to 'unlock' gridlocks
  • Letting gridlocked car owners turn around or park in driveways
  • Keeping hedgerows cut and in good condition


And what we will be doing:

  • Improving wildlife habitat in and around the lane
  • Erecting nestboxes for birds and bats
  • Making the lane better for visitors

Do you want to see this...

Or this....

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