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Councillor Patrick Gillan - Sep 15th 2020

'Cornford Lane is absolute total bloody madness and it's not going to change unless something fundamental is done''


Previous Borough and County Councillor James Scholes: 

I have come to my own conclusion that Cornford Lane needs immediate action to improve the serious safety hazards. It has become that much more used and that much more dangerous. It just has to be made safer before there's a fatality."


15th July 2013 JTB Meeting
Borough Councillor Bob Backhouse: "It seems there's a consensus amongst the residents that tsome major change needs to be made to Cornford Lane. It's probably the only way forward. It's absurd that these vans and lorries should try and negotiate a road that barely takes a normal vehicle."

Borough councillor David Scott: "Clearly the traffic on this road has expanded considerably following the introduction of the traffic lights in Pembury Road. We need to take action in some form."

15th April 2013 JTB Meeting
Borough and County Councillor James Scholes said: "It is terrifying. I don't go down there. The problem cannot be ignored. There has to be a solution and the solution cannot be no action. When we went for the site visit there were eight to ten cars coming in either direction  stopped head to head on the lane. Fisticuffs went up."

Borough Councillor Peter Bulman

We have allowed the traffic problem in Cornford Lane to continue and to get so much worse. I would strongly support the closure of Cornford Lane. That lane is a disaster."


Councillor Mrs Soyke did not want to see any procrastination on this issue; she was also in favour of closing the lane and was aware of other, similar circumstances where roads had been closed - From JTB 15th April 2013

County Councillor Holden stated he had considerable sympathy for Cornford Lane residents. He also questioned the basis of the decision not to close Cornford Lane to through traffic- From JTB 15th July 2013

Councillor Backhouse stated that without there being any other viable solution proposed, that closure to through traffic is only real solution and the correct way forward 

From JTB 15th July 2013

Borough Councillor Scott felt the vulnerability of Pepenbury (as was) residents as users of Cornford Lane could not be understated - From JTB 15th July 2013

And one councillor stressed at the January 2014 JTB meeting that "The people in the best position to understand both the problems and the solution are the residents of Cornford Lane"



However, despite all of this supporting comment, nothing was done to make any changes in 2013/4, and nothing has been has been done since...


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