Friends of Cornford Lane
Friends of Cornford Lane

The Problems

Cornford Lane is an archetypal narrow Kentish country lane, single track in places, with traditional (and ancient) hedgerows, lying in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. At a continually increasing rate, and over many years, it has become the favoured 'rat run' for traffic seeking to avoid using the A264 Pembury Road - the major designated route in and out of Tunbridge Wells.

The lane is completely unsuitable and incompatible with the speed, volume and size of the traffic now using it, many local people tell us that they will no longer use the lane - either on foot, bicycle or car - it is simply too dangerous.


So ironically, a local road is too dangerous for local people to use.


We want to reverse this state of affairs. We want to make Cornford Lane a place that local people and others can use in safety.


The Friends of Cornford Lane are campaigning to get action taken before there is a serious accident and to enable the lane to once again be able to be used in safety by all.

Because of the narrow nature of the lane, vehicles having to pass one another have continually eroded the earth banks and hedgerows to such an extent that emergency repair works have had to be carried out to prevent the road edge from collapsing and to stop the complete destruction of the hedgerows. See the 'Damage' section or click here.


This situation has become exacerbated by the increasing numbers of vans, HGV's and four wheel drive vehicles using the lane.


Gridlocks are now a frequent occurrence as vehicles are unable to pass each other (and damage the verges and hedgerows in attempts to do so), and the speed of the vehicles negotiating the multiple blind bends and narrow sections has caused multiple vehicle accidents, several pedestrian injuries and most recently, some desperately close near-misses involving pedestrians and children. It is only by the smallest of margins that a serious injury or death has not occurred. See the 'Safety' section or click here.

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