Friends of Cornford Lane
Friends of Cornford Lane

Key Points Summary

Cornford Lane is completely unsuitable for through traffic:

  • Narrow lane with single-track sections
  • Multiple blind bends & concealed entrances
  • Runs right through a Care Home site
  • No pavement or any provision for pedestrian safety
  • No speed limit

Cornford Lane is not a 'necessity' route:

  • Runs to the same places as the nearby main road
  • No need for its use with a major road nearby

The use of Cornford Lane by heavy traffic causes:

  • A serious risk of personal injury or worse
  • Frequent gridlocks lasting up to 1 hr 30 minutes
  • Frequent car crashes
  • Prevention / delay to emergency vehicle access
  • Damage to hedges, verges, ditches and trees
  • Erosion and undercutting of supporting banks
  • Damage & repair cost to fences and boundaries
  • Continual damage & costs to residents' cars
  • Continual repair cost to road surface and edges
  • Bank erosion with large & dangerous potholes
  • Frequent shouting and sounding of horns
  • Frequent verbal abuse to residents
  • Continual dangerous and provocative driving



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